About us

Learning by doing, leading by example, supporting people to do things for themselves

Junction24 is an agency for young people that bridges the transition years from study into work.

We operate like headhunters and help people find good jobs they would like to have and run employability courses for people planning ahead.

Everything we do is simultaneously focused on what employers and candidates need and would like.

At Junction24 our job is to help our candidates be the very best that they can be; so that young people have the opportunity to experience the pleasure and reward of having good work to do and employers don't miss out .


Ethics in headhunting means process and systems - a very dry subject but essential to delivering guarantees of excellence. We conform to the opinion that everyone is entitled to our best attention without exclusion; that privacy must be guarded at all times and that all information we are a party to, is treated with absolute confidentiality. And because to be human is to err, we use digital systems with checks and balances to make sure we stay true to our word. 


We are building a brilliant work-force which is equally balanced between first-time workers and people with experience. Anyone carrying the title ‘ Associate Consultant' is likely to be under the age of 25 and be working their first proper job.

Directors, advisors & friends



Patrick Murray – Chief Operating Officer

Michele Simpson-Crew – Chief Executive Officer

Non Executive

Peter Moss - Platform Architect, VP Ogilvy

Jill Nother - Director, Busec

Peter Rae - Creative Director, Partner Curious London

Ronald Stones OBE - Director Foundations Asia Pacific

Rosemarie Wallace - CEO, Novus Media